Give it a Try

Photo Credit: Linkedin Article by Melissa Roberts KC Startup Community Feeder, Public Affairs innovator

Photo Credit: Linkedin Article by Melissa Roberts KC Startup Community Feeder, Public Affairs innovator

Afternoon everyone! 

I think a great way to connect with you all and serve you as much as I can is through catering my blogs based on themes! You get a gist of what the topic is beforehand and hopefully it serves you in whatever place you are in your life! 

 The theme for this week is...

"Give it a Try"

Give life a try! Be open to new experiences and watch life unfold beautifully around you! Trying something new can be scary and that feeling is felt differently among us all. Maybe you get butterflies, stomach aches, head aches, sweaty hands, dizziness... the list goes on! Our body's respond very quickly to our thoughts and create these feelings in an instant. We don't like how this feels so we make the decision, "nah, I'll pass". But we only feel like this because of our thoughts.

"What if it doesn't work, what if I mess up, what if people don't think I'm qualified." This constant stream of thinking is what gives you the stomach pains and  dizziness!  I deal with this all of the time, trust me! But one thing I know for sure is that when I tell myself "You know what, success to me is trying. It's saying yes to things that make me nervous; It's saying yes to new positions I may not be "ready" for; and it's loving myself where I am right now! "

Life is here to support us, so if there is something you're interested in trying...there is a reason you're being drawn to it. That could result in your next break, or you might meet someone who changes your life, or discover a new talent you never knew you had.  And that's far more important then being embarrassed for a few moments!  

I encourage you all to go out there and give life a try! You'll be proud of yourself for doing so!

Here are a few new things I tried this weekend...butterflies and all ;) 


THE BARNES AND NOBLE MINI MAKER'S FAIRE was last Saturday and Sunday. I spoke about my early adventures with art as a young child and the journey that led me to start " The Hummingbird Mill". I gotta be honest, I was so nervous, but once I got out there and started talking I found that the wonderful audience was really intrigued and engaged with what I had to say.  It was a blessing and quite a fun experience! 

Later, the kids participated in an icebreaker activity that I do with my art students called "Blind Drawing". I was so impressed by how well they did! Pros on the first try! Participation was great and I actually had a dad who wanted to join in on the activity! lol







And now on to Gardening...

Collecting your own seeds is quite rewarding and I invite anyone who's interested in gardening to give it a try. Once you collect the seeds simply place them in an envelope to dry out. You can then leave them in the envelope or store them in a nice dry jar over the winter. Seeds usually store for about 1 - 2 years. By early spring, you will have a collection of seeds to create a brand new garden! I love this process for my favorite annuals that won't be returning in the spring. Overall, it's so relaxing and rewarding to take part in the natural gardening process! 

I initially got really inspired by some of my British Gardening Heroes...Monty Don, Alys Fowler and Carol Klein. Their shows air on BBC 2 and you can watch clips on youtube! Great stuff guys! This video really warms my heart and hope it does for you as well. 

Have any gardening tips you'd like to share or did you try something new this week? Leave me a comment. I look forward to hearing what you have to say! 

Blessing and Much Love!