Makin' it at Makers Faire


I gotta say this weekend was by far...

the BEST weekend ever! 

Maker Faire ATL was a huge success! I was nervous, it's been quite a while since I've been in the public eye since closing the physical shop in my hometown. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the solitude of my studio. I love blasting music and putting in long hours of illustrating, but after a while, you need to break OUT and see folks ya know! lol

And then there's the whole... re-branding aspect...


Since I've re-vamped what we do here at The Hummingbird Mill, I wasn't sure how the community would view my new work (Greeting Cards, Prints, and Gifts).  Would my passions that I've been laboring over with such love and dedication be welcomed?

The answer was YES! 


I'm so thrilled to have had such a turn out, so much so that we nearly sold out of all of our 5" x 7" Greeting Cards! What a wonderful surprise. My incredible family helped me out assisting me in sales and offering their playful and loving demeanor that always brightens my day! Lots of laughs and loads of fun. I made fantastic connections with wonderful people and enjoyed seeing old friends in the process!

And to top it off I won "Best Quality Craft"!

I'm truly blessed and know that I'm being led in the direction that's best for me and there is no greater feeling! It wasn't easy at first though. I had to make some really hard decisions and take some risks that I wasn't %100 sure would turn out as I planned...

and guess what...

...They didn't lol

But to my surprise it was OK, in fact, it was better than OK because better things took place instead! Intuition has a wonderful way of leading you towards your hearts desires and If you let it lead the words of one of my favorite authors/ illustrators,

"Oh the Places you will go!" - Dr. Seuss


So to all of you out there contemplating whether or not to take a leap of faith just, take it and trust that your intuition will guide you along the way! It's all good!

Cheers to good vibes and good people at the Maker Faire!

Have a lovely week everyone!