The World Needs Your Creativity, These Ladies Can Help!

Good Afternoon!

First off, 

I gotta say there is so much to be grateful for...

like my perfectly brewed cup of English breakfast tea... 

applied with just the right amount of milk and honey! 

But besides my tea obsession...

Image courtesy of wiki.

Image courtesy of wiki.

I have two fantastic reasons why I woke up this morning with a literal pep in my step...

really, I ahh...

skipped... to the

OK, here we go! 

1. ) I started working with the all fabulous, touching book called...

"The Artist Way", by Julia Cameron.

Talk about moving! Every page brings me to an awareness about myself that I knew deep down inside but forgot.

Julia gently guides you by peeling back the layers of clutter in your mind. Addressing misguided and outdated stereotypes about being a creative individual; she helps you to resolve the unhealthy blocks in your life that keep you feeling guilty about a career in the arts and so much more!

You can find her book at any Barnes and Noble and trust me you'll be glad you did! 

Already read the book? I'd love to hear what you thought about it in the comments below :) 

And the other reason I'm smiling...

2.) I happened upon the most detailed, inspiring, and

fuss free website about how to sell your creative works via wholesale!

The goddess behind this magical site is non other than... 

Clare Yuille of Indie Retail Academy

Image courtesy of Indie Retail Academy

Image courtesy of Indie Retail Academy

Clare is both business savvy and incredibly kind hearted! She makes the idea of selling your wares an exciting and totally possible reality for anyone who's interested in putting their work on the market.

What I love most about her articles is that they are funny, relatable, and she doesn't make you feel guilty for not knowing something. She lets you feel whatever fears you are feeling, and then like a good friend, guides you towards your breakthrough! How many people can do that so eloquently? 

This woman can!  

I highly recommend her site! If you are just slightly thinking about starting/ taking your business to the next level and selling to shops or you've got some hang-ups that you need to work through, read her articles, they never disappoint! 

So to my readers wherever you are,

The world literally NEEDS your creativity!

I mean it!

Someone was creative enough to start Squarespace, and instagram, and so on,

so you see, creativity is totally necessary for our society. Never let anyone tell you other wise. 

And remember, you deserve to let your creative juices flow and enjoy your life!! You were beautifully made and no one is a better you than you! (I think Dr. Seuss said this lol) It's your duty to share that MARVELOUS- NESS that is you, with the entire community! 

So I hope you decide to have a lovely day; that the light of inspiration and confidence shines on you and fills you with energy and perseverance! Taking the first step is the hardest part, but it's also really exhilarating too! so don't be afraid :)

You're awesome and you should always remember that! 

Now go have an incredible day! 

Much Love and Happiness to you,