What's in a name...

The hummingbird is unlike any animal you’ll find. Capable of G-forces nine times the force of gravity, it’s no wonder people often miss it.

Like a key to a lock, the hummingbird’s bill is perfectly designed to fit the flower from which it gets nectar. Dawning the title as the only bird able to hover in mid-flight, the hummingbird defies the normal standard and flutters to the rhythm of its own wings.

When choosing a name for the company, it became clear that the hummingbird's delicacy, uniqueness, beauty, and ability to go beyond the norm where characteristics that I wanted to emulate for our company. And so the name, The Hummingbird Mill, was born.


Meet The Owner/ Illustrator

Mandisa Surpris

Fascinated by culture, interesting textures, music and expression, Mandisa began creating from a very early age. At five years old she learned how to draw her first flower from the late Patricia Ciambriello, a beloved family friend.

By age ten, her grandmother Livie taught her how to sew and from there she took off; designing Homecoming and Prom gowns throughout high school and illustrating landscapes any chance should could get.  

After graduating with a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design, she explored work in Fashion Design and Decorative Painting. These two very different fields broadened her understanding of conceptual design and consumer markets, giving her an entirely new perspective on her creative process.

In the meantime, she also developed a deep love for the outdoors and wildlife which in return echos in many of her paintings and community outreach endeavors. She is both an illustrator and a Fine Artist, drawing inspiration from the world around her.


"I really love learning! I'm a total bookworm, and I especially love learning about cultures all over the world, and music throughout the ages. It's a huge part of who I am, and it's always the driving force in my art work."
-Mandisa Surpris


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