"At The Hummingbird Mill, we find inspiration in the nature that surrounds us, the history that grows us, and the cultures that connect us...

...because life should be illustrated."

Greeting Cards

"Blossom" is our newest greeting card collection sharing the beauty of vibrant flowers paired with quotes from great thinkers throughout the centuries! These cards brighten any day and offer an uplifting message to those who behold them. The inside is left blank for you to write your own special message. 

We are constantly increasing our collection, so check back with us soon for exciting new work!


Prints, for the trendy art collector within us all!

For those that love our greeting cards and want to enjoy the art in a larger format, we offer prints at various sizes.

Now you can stay inspired, encouraged, and enjoy the view in your beautiful home, office, or creative work space!



We take the word "gift card" seriously!

Paring 3.5" x 5" greeting cards with handmade sculpted jewelry, the duo make a delightful and whimsical gift that we are sure will bring a smile to your face.






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